Worship Corner : Our DNA & Worship

Singing and corporate worship is a major part of our “DNA” at Praise Community Church (PCC). I will be writing a few articles to outline some of the foundation to our worship “voice” and practices at PCC. As well as a few devotional thoughts to ponder how our corporate worship translates to our everyday life and not just on a Sunday morning gathering of our church family!

Worship Pastor

We are going to be discussing some of the following…

Why do we sing?
Raising Hands
Singing New Songs
Voice of Worship
Singing in the Spirit
Clapping our Hands

… and probably some other topics through out the series of articles!
You can find our Values at PCC here, and different expressions of worship here!

Worship Corner will be a monthly “blog” of sorts distributed in our weekly email and on our website and social media profiles.

You can find posts here: Worship Corner. You can also visit www.praisecc.org and look for recent posts on the right side of the website.

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