Worship Corner: Lifting Our Hands

We sing songs which speak of lifting hands at PCC, and many of us lift our hands. If you’ve attended PCC for any length of time – one sunday, seven Sundays or seven hundred Sundays) you no doubt notice others or you yourself have raised hands in worship. If you are one who raises their hands without any reservation.. It is important to not assume that EVERYONE feels comfortable lifting their hands in worship. And if you don’t feel comfortable, it’s not a sin to NOT raise your hands! What I do want to do is give some context to why we do it and why we read about it in scripture! 
We raise hands as surrender/offering
Psalm 141:2
May my prayer be counted as incense before You; The lifting up of my hands as the evening offering.
Lamentations 3:41
We lift up our heart and hands Toward God in heaven;
There are many times we are holding on to things in our life, by lifting our hands we can physically show God the position of our hearts and life before him. We can practically show him we are committing to the living sacrifice lifestyle (Romans 12:1). 
We raise hands to bless
Luke 24:50
And He led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them.
Leviticus 9:22
Then Aaron lifted up his hands toward the people and blessed them, and he stepped down after making the sin offering and the burnt offering and the peace offerings.
We raise hands as warfare 
Exodus 17:11
So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.
Moses held his hands up and won a war. It’s no question we are in a daily battle.. when we lift our hands in worship (corporate or in private) we are also doing warfare.
Like I said before.. there is no sin in not raising your hands in worship.. but I would say there is freedom and there is (and I say this often but it is worth repeating…) more that happens in our heart AND atmosphere when we worship (and might I add… when we raise our hands).

Recently my family and I attended the Tabernacle study series we’ve started on Wednesday nights at PCC after the teaching and the kids were dismissed on of my sons came up to me and lifted his hands in a motion meaning “lift me up daddy”. I lifted him up and not just held him but tossed him in the air. Do you know what my son did after I set him down? He lifted his hands again – asking me to do it again. 
Take a moment and think about a time where God “pulled you up”. When he spoke only a word HE could speak, when he provided for you in only a way he could. When you had peace in a storm of life, when he put someone in your path during the day to give you encouragement or a listening ear. Don’t pass to quickly over who it was that provided for you in any (or all) of those scenarios. 

Scripture to read:
Psalm 95
Exodus 17
Leviticus 9
Luke 24
Songs that speak: 
*I would encourage you as you listen to these, to not necessarily watch the video.. but listen. Close your eyes, start the video and simply listen. We can get distracted by what we are watching (I know I do). 

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