Weekly Update: October 10, 2017

In our S.O.A.P. study we have been reading Matthew this month.  Applying the inspection glass to the Bible is a ton of fun as many of you are discovering or rediscovering.  This picture references one of the teachings in Matthew which stuck out to me this past week in chapter 7 verses 3-5.  Certainly not unfamiliar but always a needed reminder.

We can get to feeling pretty justified in our outrage, irritation, frustration, etc. when we see something not right in another person’s practices, words, or ideas, especially when it feels they are so committed to them and unwilling to even hear from someone else.  But, when we allow ourselves to get outraged, irritated, frustrated, etc. don’t we now have just as big of a problem if not more so then them?  Aren’t we now a lot like the “church speck inspector” with the a beam that is “bigger than ever”?  If we were able to keep ourselves positioned in the proper place with God and others, we would likely be able to move on to the last part of those verses which says “remove the beam in your own eye and then you will see clearly how to remove the speck from your brothers eye.”  And isn’t that what you really want to be able to accomplish if possible?  So stay cool, stay humble, stay dependent on Holy Spirit and the Word, and you will no doubt have a much better chance of seeing that pesky old speck gone in no time and at the same time glorify
God in the process, which is the point anyways, right?


This past Sunday Pastor Jeff started his series on the book of Jonah!  It focused on how Jonah was running from God and his commands.  It also focused on how God is always waiting for us to turn back to him.  Next Sunday we will hear about the events of Jonah chapter 2.  Here is a recording of this past Sunday’s message: 



October Doers of the Word is Antioch Again. 

The Cho Family are Missionaries to mainland China. They do training and discipling of Chinese students (often in secret) to go out to other parts of China, Korea, and Japan to be missionaries. Financial support and prayers for effectiveness, health and safety, and the maturing of their students is requested.  Jim & Mary Hermanson have connected us with these missionaries and would enjoy sharing more about their work if you would like to learn more.  You can contribute to this important ministry by writing a check to PCC with “Antioch Again” on the memo or envelope.

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