Weekly Update: March 29

Do you value it?  Do you value your relationship with God?  Do you value his Word?  Do you value the renewing of you mind?  Do you value the fruits of the Spirit?  Do you value the people around you and their eternal destination?
If you value it you will do it.  A challenging statement.  

So let’s break it down with an example.  Do I value patience?  I know I should be patient, I sometimes ask God to give me patience, and I certainly appreciate it when God and other’s are patient towards me and around me.  But do I value patience enough to actually want it above impatience and the things which lead to impatience and is God going to give me patience if I don’t really want it?  When necessary am I willing to set aside self-sufficiency, multi-tasking, demands for my way to be satisfied, my preferences, etc. in order to take on the personality of patience?  To let the characteristic of God’s spirit living in me to be the dominant quality in my life?  Do I truly value the Spirit and his trait of patience?

Just imagine if I did . . . just imagine the world patience could open up to me.  I see more peace, more love, less missed opportunities, a healthier body, better relationships, and who knows what else I just can’t see looking from the outside in.

So what do you value?  What do you value which needs to be replaced with some better values?  Do you value to live in agreement with God in all areas of life?
That would be a good place to start.

The benefits of a grateful heart will be the focus of our time this Saturday.
Food, fellowship, and some refreshing nurture for the soul are in the works.
Women are encouraged to come and enjoy this short time with other ladies.

Dates for April
No Wednesday Renew after March 5 except for Youth Group
Good Friday Service April 14 at 6:00 p.m.
Baptism Sunday April 23 at both services
Membership Class April 30 and May 7

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