Weekly Update: June 28, 2017

I was recently introduced to the idea of “prayer walking”.  The initial idea of it was to get regular exercise while walking around your community and praying for things as the Holy Spirit directs your thoughts which will include the things and people you see as you walk.  If you are willing to verbalize these things you could do it with another person or group as well.  Just one of the personal benefits she shared was how she had battled depression her whole life and through prayer walking five days a week she was freed from depression.  At the time of the writing she had been prayer walking for two years.

I have so far only had a chance to do this a couple of times since reading the book late last week.  It felt rewarding to not only get the exercise in and enjoy the beautiful days, but to have prayed for things and people I had never prayed for.  I also found myself coming across a few people who needed some attention.  There was a lady who was very distressed and alone and with the courage of the Holy Spirit I was able to approach her and ask her if I might be able to help her somehow.  I ended up spending about 20 minutes talking with her and praying for her.  She had many needs and I had no money on me or anything tangible to offer.  But she was much more relaxed and was appreciative of what I did offer. Only God knows how we might connect again in the future.

As I experienced just this little bit so far, I felt like I was doing what I see Jesus and the early followers doing as I read the New Testament.  They were out amongst the people.  They were interacting and stepping into opportunities.  Prayer walking could be a great first step to becoming more like Jesus and following his example.  Just getting out into the community to pray is a big thing.  And then to also allow God to use your presence there in other ways to connect with individuals in the community for his glory is icing on the cake and could make a real impact in the life of a person and eventually a whole community!

“Women of Praise” is sponsoring their first MYSTERY TRIP!

Destination: Mystery    Activities: Mystery
Our goal is for you to have a great time so we have planned accordingly.
Just come and sit back and enjoy the journey!

Saturday, July 22 from 8 am – 8 pm
Registration is $13 (Payable to PCC)
Registration Deadline is Sunday, July 9
See the Welcome Table for Registration Forms

Items to bring: About $25 for meals, shopping money, a baby picture of you, an umbrella if it’s rainy, sunscreen if it’s sunny, and if you have them . . .a whistle, binoculars, and your own                        roll of toilet paper.
Questions? See Jenny Albrecht, Neva Ver Helst, Shawn Beery, Kim Windmuller,                         Sally Wagner, or Pastor Jani.

Church Softball season is in full gear!  Here is the schedule for you to come and cheer on the team!   Games happen at the ball fields west of South Monroe Ave. and south of 23rd SW. on Friday nights.
June 30 – 6:15pm
July 7 – 7:15pm & 8:45pm
July 14 – 6:15pm

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