Weekly Update: June 13, 2017

This past Sunday we heard about the evidences which support the truth and trustworthiness of the Bible being the inspired Word of God, and you can listen on the website if you missed it.  The overwhelming amount of supportive manuscripts, the harmony with which 40 different writers from various backgrounds wrote on controversial topics, and the deep level of relevance the Bible has to our everyday lives were some of the evidences which were talked about.  

Another overwhelming evidence which is exciting to explore is the archaeological evidences which have been found and continued to be unearthed.  The link below will share just a few of the most significant discoveries.  Some discoveries have been of people and places which can only be found in the historical writings of scripture.  In the past, these were the people and places which scholars used to discredit the Bible for that very reason.  But in recent years more and more of those obscure references have been found through archaeology forcing critics to eat their words.  It is exciting to read even a few which you can do on this webpage:


“Women of Praise” is sponsoring their first MYSTERY TRIP!
Destination: Mystery    Activities: Mystery
Our goal is for you to have a great time so we have planned accordingly.
Just come and sit back and enjoy the journey!

Saturday, July 22 from 8 am – 8 pm
Registration is $13 (Payable to PCC)
Registration Deadline is Sunday, July 9
See the Welcome Table for Registration Forms

Items to bring: About $25 for meals, shopping money, a baby picture of you, an umbrella if it’s rainy, sunscreen if it’s sunny, and if you have them . . .a whistle, binoculars, and                                        your own roll of toilet paper.

Questions? See Jenny Albrecht, Neva Ver Helst, Shawn Beery, Kim Windmuller,
Sally Wagner, or Pastor Jani.
Church Softball season is in full gear!  Here is the schedule for you to come and cheer on the team!   Games happen at the ball fields west of South Monroe Ave.
and south of 23rd SW. on Friday nights.
June 16 – 7:30pm & 8:45pm
June 30 – 6:15pm
July 7 – 7:15pm & 8:45pm
July 14 – 6:15pm
 June’s Doers of the Word
The Caring Pregnancy Center

During June as part of our “Doers of the Word”, we are collecting not only coin filled baby bottles but also these needed items for the Caring Pregnancy Center:

Diapers Sized Newborns thru Size 5
Pull-ups 4T-5T Girls and Boys
Boys and Girls Goodnites
Similac Advance Powder State 1
2T-5T Clothing and Sleepers
Onesies Sized 12-24 Months
Current Maternity Clothes
High Chairs
New Crib & Mattresses
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Wipe Packs 80 Count (Sensitive Brand)
Forever Stamps
New Car Seats
Baby Bath, Lotion, Powder, Destine
Children’s Cardboard Books
Infant and Children’s Pain Reliever

Baby bottles will be available on Sundays during June. You can fill them with your loose change and bless the parents and babies who use this great service. Bottles should be returned on Sunday July 2nd and Sunday July 9th, between services.

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