Weekly Update: July 25, 2017

Peter desired to faithfully follow and trust Jesus. He was willing to do what no other disciple in the boat showed a readiness to do. He would walk on water like Jesus walked on water. His desire was great and he was willing to give it a try. At first it was happening and his faith and trust was carrying him through, but then some threatening conditions came his way and it quickly drained out.

The Good News is you are not alone. Peter was Jesus’ top guy. He was the one who Jesus would depend heavily on in birthing the early church. He was a disciple in training and Peter was willing to put himself out there and take a risk at falling short, even in a big way. In addition to learning and growing a lot in a short time because of his willingness to follow Jesus and do what Jesus was doing, he also discovered first hand the faithfulness, love, and mercy of Jesus to bridge the gaps between his desire and his readiness. This kept him humble. This kept him dependent. And his humbleness and dependency kept him moving forward.

“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.”
This is Jesus’ response to our short comings and times of fear. He is ready, willing, and able to save us and bridge the gaps. And in our readiness to keep on learning and keep on growing, he will give us correction, revelation, and further instruction to help us walk more consistently in the future.

This is Good News and a good example. Good News for us to remember that God’s grace is always at work to hold us when we aren’t able to do what we desire and to walk with us when we do. It is also a good example to consider as we see others fall before our very eyes, being overwhelmed by a threat. Do we quickly reach out our hand to catch them? Do we bend down to where they are and offer up a truly helpful grasp for them to receive and hold on to? Do we gently restore them?
Matthew 14:22-36

Selah has a great song called “You Deliver Me” which touches on the beautiful picture of Jesus’ readiness to catch us as we find ourselves sinking. A few of the words say:
When there’s a distance – Between what I am and who I want to be – You deliver me
When I feel like I can’t go on
You deliver me
When the road is winding and way too long
You deliver me

The Bible Reading Marathon will be August 29 – September 3 outside the court house. If you have not yet signed up to be a reader or a coordinator, you can reply to this email with your desire to be involved. There will be an evening city wide worship on the evening of the 3rd of September in the parking lot next to the church to end the event!


Pastor Jeff’s message this past Sunday was “What we Believe about War”. In his message he gave biblical foundation for how we view war and addressed the questions related to the topic, such as whether it is OK for Christians to fight in war. The message can be heard on the website at http://www.praisecc.org/sermons/



The Sunday School program is in need of willing hearts to come join the teaching team. If the Lord has been tugging at your heart to get involved with our children’s ministry, here is your chance!!! We have the opportunity for you to teach every Sunday or you could share a position with another person and teach every other Sunday. However you choose to be apart of our team, we welcome you!
Please contact Neva for details.

Jessie Bohn is the focused “Doers of the Word” for July. If you would like to make a contribution to her ministry you can designate a monetary gift for her in the offerings this month.
Below is an update on her ministry:

I am adjusting to life in America and to full time work on a training base.
I am learning about so many jobs that need to be done that I never really thought of before. I am so thankful for a church that prays for and supports me.

This summer I will be attending a Leadership Intensive Training (LTI) School with an internship which follows. In the fall I will lead the ekballo elective (a special program for students who wish to learn more about long term missions) and then lead an outreach in January-February. I am currently seeking support for the following outreach:
LTI school $2,000 and Outreach $2,500

You can make checks out to YWAM Accounting BO173. Please do not include Jessie’s name on any lines. You can also donate at http://www.ywamorlando.com/staff/jbohn.

The Mason City Police Department will be presenting a seminar on church safety at PCC Tuesday, August 8 at 7:00 pm. Anyone interested is welcome to attend and other churches will also be invited to attend.

“The risk of violent disturbance or active killer incident occurring in a house of worship is very small. However, the impact of such an event on a congregation and it’s community would be devastating. Knowing how to respond if a disturbance or violent attack occurs during a church service or other event is vital to increase survivability if the unthinkable occurs. Please join us to learn how to be better prepared to respond to a disturbance or violent attack.”

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