Weekly Update: April 12, 2016

I recently had a father share a very personal story with me. He was going into his teenage daughter’s room to admonish her over a fairly severe infraction of the family rules. He was rehearsing his opening monologue, “I am so disappointed in…” when suddenly the voice of the Holy Spirit interrupted his glorious lecture writing and whispered: “When has Abba ever said those words to you?” He froze in his tracks, pierced to the soul. Needless to say, the conversation and consequences turned out differently than Dad planned.

Dads consider this . . . you can disciple, train, and correct without causing your children to feel shame or anger. The solution is simple…ask Abba how to unlock their hearts. Sometimes the unexpected, kindest, and most undeserved response bears the most fruit! Talk to Holy Spirit, He knows their hearts better than we do!

Parenting is the most challenging and rewarding assignment of our lives. You will wear many “hats” or titles in a lifetime. There are only two that last for a lifetime, “son” and “father” or “daughter” and “mother.” Cry out to Abba, you’re gonna get better at this! I guarantee it, He believes in His ability to make you a Parent after His own heart!

(From the newsletter of Chris & Yvette Ferguson)
homelessA team of ladies from PCC have been serving a monthly meal at the women’s homeless shelter for seven months. They have seen many doors of opportunity open to serve a variety of needs and many women have attended the church as a result of their visits to the shelter. If anyone would like to help with this ministry in any way, you can contact Kathy Rodrigues at 621-210-8318 or talk to Pastor Jani. Some ways you can help:
* Be available to help with a need
* Help serve a meal or organize a group in serving a meal for
second time during the month.
* Donate financially towards the cost of a meal
* Start a weekly bible study at the shelter

We applaud the ladies who have been serving in this way and thank them for representing the heart and message of Jesus on our behalf!

eaglelakeJune 13-17 Day Camp at Grace Church, Mason City
Ages 7-12, Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost $150 and scholarships available
Follow this link to learn more and register: http://eaglelakecamps.com/Camps/On-Location/Iowa/Grace-Church

bible journalingIf you have a creative flair, you may enjoy a Bible like this. It is a journaling bible and has wide margins on the side for creative interaction with the things you are reading in your Bible. You can see some examples of journaling Bibles which can be purchased at this link: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=journaling+bibles&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCG&nav_search=1&cms=1

Update from Elder/Trustee Meeting
* We have been replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs which should make a significant impact in our electric bill.
* Because of good giving the first quarter of this year, we will be able to give the missions team a full 10% towards missions work outside PCC. This is in addition to the 7-8% we give towards the missional work of the church.
* The primary church bus appears to have blown an engine. The back-up bus will be taken out of storage and both buses will be evaluated for their condition and ability to be salvaged. It is very possible we will need to purchase a new bus.
* The kitchen committee will make a proposal to the Trustees for a project in the Praise Café area.
* There are a variety of potential projects to be done at the church. Some of those potential projects: front door replacement, bus replacement, foyer updates outside the sanctuary, paying off the debt, basement renovations, and Praise Cafe serving line updates. We hope to establish a list of priorities and begin addressing these needs as we are able.
* Building debt still owed: $27,385 as of 4/5/16

A concert featuring award-winning performance artist, Katy Kinard, is scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at 7 p.m. at Victory in Christ, FMC 604 23rd St. SW in Mason City. A free will offering will be presented to benefit Harbor House of Mason City. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. For additional information, please contact Larry Day at (641)530-7504.

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