current Bible reading plan
S is for Scripture

Read scripture.

O is for Observation.

What stands out to you, what do you see in the scripture?

A is for Application

How will you apply what you observed from this passage to your life?

P is for Prayer

Pray the scripture. Pray for anything else in your life.

What is S.O.A.P. and why?

“Changing Lives Through the Unchanging Word” is our mission statement at Praise Community Church.  We believe the best way for all of us to allow that charge to take hold of our lives and transform us is to be consistently and actively in the Bible, God’s Word.

The SOAP method is a way for us to actively engage in God’s Word and allow it to sink in and work in our lives.

As we utilize different reading plans throughout the year, you can focus on one or two passages of scripture per day and write down what God is showing or revealing to you.

By meditating on what God is revealing to us through a particular scripture, we believe the Word will become more alive to us and we will be able to actively utilize it in our lives.

So we encourage you to jump in and allow the Word of God to change your life.