This past Sunday Greg Baker from Family Leader shared about our role as Christians in the world and the role of the church in government. You can listen to this message and all of our sermons at


PCC’s annual congregational meeting will be held at 4:00pm on Feb 25 in the Sanctuary.


5 week DVD series “Understanding the Times 2017” Saturday mornings 9-10am in the Praise Cafe from Jan 20-Feb 17. 

University Worship is a school of worship, seeking to teach tangible skills for creative expression, all while learning as a community how to worship. Their mission is to Empower Creative Identity in each person who attends and encourage their God designed creative abilities through the process of worship. At University Worship, we will be teaching students what it means to live a life of worship. We will be worshiping as a community and growing together in our unique gifts.


(UWKids) 1st-5th Grade, seeks to empower young students to discover the creative identity that God has built into them. Students will encounter various areas of music, learning basic skills in rhythm, pitch, singing, dancing, art, and general music all through the lens of worship. Through hands on learning and fun and engaging class time, students will learn that worship is essential for growing in relationship with Christ and one another. 4th & 5th grade studentswill have the option to choose one course to study: guitar, keys, or percussion.



February’s reading plan is available on the website! If you’ve missed a day, week or a month – IT’S OK! start back up with us!

If you have testimonies of God’s revelation please reply to this email, we’d love to hear and potentially use them to encourage others!

Schedules are available on the website or at the Welcome Table on Sunday.



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